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Sunday, July 15th 2012

1:19 PM

Bitch preteen preview


Related article: Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 preteen jailbait xxx 15:03:38 +1200 From: Tim Brooks Subject: Colin And The Sex Factory: Part 3This material is owned by Dionysos and may not be made public in any way or form without his express permission. The following story deals with situations that you may or may not be allowed to read about depending on your age or how uptight the place you live in is. Enjoy it even so.I am addicted to fanmail. Send praise, requests and anything else to gahom4hotmail.com Part 3Colin feels a little sad that Luc and his cute bottom are no longer part of the tour, but his mood is much improved when he sees Willy leading their group to a beautiful gondola floating on the river of lubricant. The seats are made of red leather and the carved wooden cherub on the bow sports a huge erection."Everyone on board," Willy orders with a big grin. "We're off to the invention room."They all take preteen hc sex their seats, Bo demanding to sit in front and Godfrey telling Willy a little nervously that he tends to get seasickness, a confession to which Mister Wanker doesn't respond. Colin notices there are only just enough seats for the nine of them, and the boat would have gotten too crowded if Luc and his father had still been with them.Quickly the gondola starts moving, apparently of its own power. They leave the garden of dongs behind them and enter a gloomy tunnel. Godfrey immediately complains that he's afraid of the dark as well. Colin's eyes soon get used to the lack of light, enough for him to see the walls of the tunnel on either side. A few times he thinks he sees things moving in the walls, snake-like creatures sliding past and into each other, but then preteen jailbait xxx he decides he's just imagining things.The neon lights that suddenly flick on are very real, however. They are placed on the walls and on the roof, and there are so many of them, all moving, that Colin suddenly feels like he's in Las Vegas."It's like people fucking!" Spike yells out, and indeed Colin can recognise huge cocks and round arseholes in the bright yellow, blue and green.The boat has slowed down quite a lot to give its occupants a better view of the neon show. They pass a door set in an alcove in the left wall, and a large window that shows a room full of Humpy-Pumpies, all of them naked."Their private relaxation chamber," Willy explains. "I would have gotten into trouble with the unions if I hadn't give them this."The window goes on for quite a while. Colin sees Humpy-Pumpies fucking each other, sucking each other off, and sticking vibrators up their bronzed behinds. Godfrey's eyes have fallen on a very specific dildo."Pure gold..." he sighs, his mouth wide open in amazement."Um, little boy?" says Willy, but Godfrey has already jumped off the side of the boat and is swimming back towards the door through a mass of Vaseline. His father doesn't do a thing. Willy takes out a silver oar maxwells model preteen and tries to make the boat turn. Colin's grandfather picks up the other and together they manage to get back to the entrance of the relaxation chamber.Godfrey, dripping with lubricant that has made his waistcoat into a sticky mess but has somehow left his glasses untouched, is already inside, and strides confidently towards the golden dildo that is standing on a pedestal in a corner of the room. None of the Humpy-Pumpies pay him any heed.Willy, Colin and the others stumble into the room just as Godfrey grabs the dildo and holds it aloft, his eyes twinkling with greed. His bestiality preteens father, pre-empting a lengthy nagging session, immediately asks Willy to name his price for the purchase of the love tool.But Willy Wanker does not get the chance to answer, because the Humpy-Pumpies are now finally starting to react to the intrusion into their domain. The muscled midgets, of which there are about a dozen in the room, stop screwing each other and seize on little Godfrey instead."Daddy," he whines, but Willy stops the duke from approaching his son."They have prey now. They'd tear preteenmodels ebony you to pieces if you came between them."The Humpy-Pumpies soon have Godfrey's waistcoat and trousers ripped off his quivering body. Even his glasses have to go, and he blinks and squints with difficulty, looking around at the horny midgets surrounding him.Colin sees that Spike, who's salivating with excitement, has pushed his leather pouch down to his thighs, and is jerking his hard little cock furiously. Seeing violence being done to another gets him hotter than anything else."It's not fair," Bo complains. "I wanted to be the first to be raped by Humpy-Pumpies."Completely naked now, Godfrey is made to get down on his hands and knees. It is a good thing he's just been swimming in lubricant, because the midgets plug every orifice he has. A bronzed cock, disproportionally huge considering the body it's connected to, rips his cute little ass. preteen clit His whimpering is ended by the stuffing of a big dick in his mouth. Even his ears are getting poked by eager cockheads.One of the Humpy-Pumpies who isn't fucking some part of Godfrey has crawled under him and taken his cock in his preteenie shower modles mouth. The others are standing around, masturbating. Colin feels like joining them, and Spike, but doesn't quite yet dare to do so.After a long while, during which Willy repeatedly looked at his jpg preteen sex gold watch, the Humpy-Pumpies are finally finished with Godfrey and fill him up with their warm cum. As they disperse, the duke finally gets a good unobstructed look at his son, naked and covered 13yo preteen list in lubricant and midget sperm. He blinks up at his father."That wasn't so bad, daddy. I want a bunch of them for Christmas."Willy snaps his fingers. The Humpy-Pumpies grab both Godfrey and his father and throw them down into a sphincter-shaped hole in the ground that, according to Mister Wanker, leads to the bathroom. Spike has just enough time to dump his own load down the hole before the sphincter closes again."Such a shame," observes Willy casually as he leads them all back to the boat. "And it wasn't even pure gold. Just gold-plated."
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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:00 AM

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